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 Educational technology is the way of teaching digital natives by means of medias that was made for instructing 21st century learners.Edtech dosen't only mean loptop, computers and othe product of science but this is anything tangible that can make teaching more effective and anything that can boost students' learning interest.

According to Arizona Department of Education The Educational Technology group offers a wide variety of support on the effective use of technology in the classroom to increase student academic gains.  The Educational Technology group provides technology integration support tools, approves technology plans,  supports the E-Rate process, provides online professional development and digital resources, and guides the work of  the Statewide Instructional Technology Project (SIT).

II. Background and HistoryEdit

  • cave's wall (
  • sharp stones for writing ( )
  • clay tablet (
  • sharp wooden stick for writing (
  • bamboo w/ writings (
  • sharp metals (
  • papyrus (
  • paper (
  • pencils (
  • pen & ink (
  • typewriter (
  • printing machine (
  • books (
  • camera (
  • cellphone & computer (
Edtech during ancient time

Edtech during Medieval Era

Edtech @ 20th Century

Edtech @ Digital Era

III. PrinciplesEdit


Educational technology, like other education subjects, follows psychological theories. These are (1) Cognitivism , (2) Constructivism , (3) Behaviorism , and (4) Social Learning Theory

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V. TrendsEdit

Educational technology trends continue to evolve and transform traditional learning. Here are trends to look out for this year:

1. 3D Printing

2. MOOCs

3. Big Education Data

4. Digital Textbooks

5. Gamification

6. Flipped Classroom

7. Mobile Learning

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